Ordering online custom made photo books made simple


My name is Simone, I have a background in photography.

I have photographed many weddings and struggled for years to find reasonably priced photo books that were a good enough quality to sell to wedding couples of their wedding. Finally last year, I found a printing company working with photographers making AMAZING PHOTO BOOKS.

Ordering photo books online is an easy and pleasurable experience with Simmy D Photo Books.

They are a premium coffee table style photo book.

As photo books became popular and main stream over the past few years, I started hearing… “It took me a whole day to build one photo book” and “The programme is so frustrating!” from people trying to make their own.

I had also experienced this over the years, the programme would download and take up my time only to find out later that I can not make this photo book on a Mac and a wide variety of other problems arose also.

This made me think there was a gap in the market to make photo books for people. I am now proud to offer to general photo and memory lovers the service of doing this for you.

Myself and Hola Websites have created this website so as getting Premium Photo Books becomes a pleasurable and easy experience for you. We make a coffee table style photo book (the modern day photo album but all photos printed into the photo book pages.)

We design every page of your photo book individually with the colours and themes matching the photos.

Our photo books are very reasonably priced for what they are. The pages are not bendable paper, they are cardboard… like in some young children’s books?

They have a hard cover and rigid pages and printed only with the finest photo paper and inks so they are as high quality as a photo print from a professional lab.

The photo books really are exquisite and I am so happy to be lining my range of photo books up in my book case of all my holidays.

I don’t like to show my friends my photos on my computer and have not liked the experiences with some friends trying to show me theirs in this way either. They also don’t seem to get them sorted so that they only have the very best photos until putting them into a photo book. We can help with that! We will tell you straight up because we want you to have an amazing book!

We edit photos also… Level 1 editing is just tweaking the exposure and slight changes for 50cents per photo or for $1.00 per photo we can take ugly things out of the background where possible, do some facial editing ie. pimples or soften your wrinkles. In a lot of cases I can also take someone out of a photo and replace with a pot plant or something like that.

I look forward to helping you tell your story with photos in your Simmy D Photo Book.

Keeping your memories alive and creating irreplaceable gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Simone 🙂

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Online Photo Books Made Simple

We are proud to be offering a unique service that provides you with a premium hard cover coffee-table style photo book made up from your chosen precious photos delivered to your door.

You choose your photos and follow the simple instructions on our website and then magic happens!

Our designers ensure your photos look amazing and we source the best printers so you have peace of mind that you will receive a beautiful quality photo book to be treasured by your nearest and dearest that will withstand the ravages of time.

And we know that money matters so we are pleased to provide a range of offers to meet everyone’s budget with prices starting from just $98. But we assure you that you will always receive a premium quality photo book that will be an ongoing source of delight.