Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Standard and Premium Photo Books?

Both the standard Photo Book and the premium photo book are made using the same production process. But there are three differences between these two book types:

1. The paper used to print the book. The Standard Photo Book is printed on premium photo paper whereas, the Premium photo book is printed on professional grade photo paper like Lustre.

2. The thickness of each page. Both book types have rigid pages but they differ in the degree of thickness. The Standard Photo Books have thinner pages at 0.7mm in thickness. In the Premium photo book, pages are 1.5mm

3. The Standard Book has 2 sizes to choose from: hand bag sized book or the standard 8 x 11 inch size.

Can I add text to my book?

Yes. We want you to tell us what the book is named. This will appear on the cover and the spine. You may also put words sporadically through the book or provide us with your wedding vows for a page if it is a wedding book. These would need to be emailed to with a clear description of where you would like them, with a note in the final notes of the order of the book that text for inside the book has been sent to our email.

Will I see my book before it is printed?

Yes, after you place your order, within 2 days you will get a link to a proof of the book via email and a notification via text that this has been sent to you.

You MUST reply within 7 days of changes or we will assume you do not require changes and it will go to print.

The quicker you approve your book within 7 days the quicker it will arrive at your front door.

How long will my book take to arrive to my door?

Your book will arrive within 2 weeks after you approve it. If you do not approve it, it will sit for a week waiting approval first.

Can I choose the cover photo for my book?

Yes, you can. There is a box to write comments like these within the order process.

Can I choose the colour for the cover of my book?

Yes you can, There is a box to write comments like these within the order process.

Can I have the book delivered to someone else if the book is a present?

Yes just put their name and address in the delivery details.

Please put your own email and phone number though in case we need to ask you something about your book during design.

We do not want to ruin the surprise for you ☺

We can deliver anywhere in the world for you.

Free delivery!

Do you print nude or boudoir photobooks?

Yes, we do print artistic nudes or boudoir type photobooks. All products passes through a review and you will be contacted if any issues comes up.

What type of photo paper do you use?

For the Standard Photo Books, we use Premium Photo Paper with a Lustre finish.

For the Premium, we use Professional Grade Photo Paper in your choice of Lustre finish printed on a POLIELETTRONICA LaserLab printer.

What defines a page?

Pages are counted just like the pages of a book or magazine. Each half of an open book is considered a page. In the photo below you can see two pages.


Can I have multiple photos per page?

No, the 24 page book is fixed to have 1 photo per page.

Can I have more than 24 photos?

No, the 24 page book is limited to 24 photos, 1 photo per page. If you would like the flexibility of more photos in your photobook with multiple photos, please check out one of our other photobook types.

Can I add text?

No, you cannot add text to the page. You can add text to the spine and a title to the cover.

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